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Board Member Roles & Responsibilities

In addition to the specific duties of each Board position delineated in the Policies & Procedures, general roles and responsibilities for all Board members were also developed. The following are the current roles and responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Speak with one vision, one voice
  • Ensure we do not lose focus of our mission – to support school counselors
  • Give back to AzSCA
  • Help future generations of school counselors
  • Provide direction to the Association & its leadership
  • Bring issues from constituents
  • Be knowledgeable about AzSCA’s bylaws, policies and board decisions and communicate, clarify and support them to the membership
  • Support the continuous improvement of the Association
  • Be prepared for meetings
  • Advocate for the profession and the Association
  • dentify and encourage future leaders
Action Requested
Board members are asked to clarify the roles and responsibilities of Board Members