Greetings from your AzSCA Advocacy Team!

Our focus throughout this school year is to give you some tips on how to advocate for your school counseling program, and it all starts at the heart of where you are every day, with you and your students, in your individual building(s). 

Are you familiar with the Annual Administrative Conference?  As school counselors, not “guidance counselors”, a critical part of our role as school counselors includes advocating for our students and our programs through collaboration with various stakeholders, and this includes our administrators.  The Annual Administrative Conference tool, provided by ASCA, guides you through meeting with your building level administrators at the beginning of the school year to discuss your goals, professional development needs, time you plan to spend on direct versus indirect student services, and any budget needed to meet these goals.  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase how your program focus for the year aligns with the goals and mission of your school.  It is a key step in advocating for your program, reminding your administrators how what you do makes a difference in the lives of your students.

Check back with us soon for sample Annual Administrative Conference documents, and tips on how to have a successful conference!