The AzSCA General Board is comprised of many active and retired school counselors who are passionate about advocating for the school counseling profession in Arizona. Board members all volunteer their time to the Association and bring many wonderful programs and services to AzSCA members. These hard-working volunteers could use YOUR support, suggestions, ideas, and feedback. AzSCA has eight (8) active committees that are always accepting new members. Take a look at our committee information below and if you have time, energy, and passion, consider volunteering!


The Advocacy and Government Relations Committee leads efforts to inform school counselors and stakeholders of critical legislative issues facing the profession.

The Advocacy & Government Relations Committee shall:
  • Inform Governing Board and AzSCA members of any legislation related to school counselors and educators.
  • Revisit, revise, develop and distribute current AzSCA talking points (3 Rs) affecting school counselors.
  • Serve as liaison to identified stakeholders or appoint a representative to be a voice for AzSCA.
  • Collaborate with ADE, CTE, ABEC, community colleges, and other stakeholders through stakeholder events.
  • Invite members to attend Advocacy Committee events
  • Collaborate with Professional Development, Outreach, and Membership as it relates to AzSCA tabling for visibility and resources
  • Create and submit advocacy material to communications chair and technology coordinator for website postings and newsletter submissions
  • Consult with Legislative Consultant to critique federal and state bills and inform Governing Board and AzSCA members of any legislation related to school counselors and educators.
  • Provide Legislative updates to board members with social media access for social media distribution.
  • Inform members of relevant recognitions and acknowledgments from the governor or other community officials.
  • Encourage and mentor school counselors to assume a leadership role in counselor visits to Capitol Hill and to meet with local legislators.
  • Submit committee updates to AzSCA Governing Board.
  • Shall be abreast of the education agenda issues and actively advocate for school counselors’ role, ratios, and respect (3 Rs).
  • Organize and participate in School Counselor Day on the Hill
  • Update Governing Board minutes at the conclusion of committee work time.
  • Utilize AEA lobbying events and participating in task forces Lobbyist as determined by committee.
  • The Advocacy chair shall be a member of the Public Policy Committee.
  • Create and maintain stock of outreach and advocacy materials with Outreach Committee for all events.
The Communications Committee is responsible for the bimonthly AzSCA e-newsletter and social media communications.

The Communications Committee shall:
  • Coordinate up to four publications of ASCA newsletter per year
  • Provide to the Governing Board a timeline, which includes deadlines for submission of articles
  • Assign articles to the Governing Board.
  • Create calendar for newsletter article due dates, editing, sent to members date.
  • Manage the AzSCA Social Media platforms and electronic communications to AzSCA contacts.


The Conference Committee plans and executes the Annual AzSCA Conference in February including selecting speakers and presenters, coordinating activities, and much more!

The Membership Records Committee processes membership applications and renewals and maintains membership records. The Membership Committee also works to provide special incentives and discounts to add value to your AzSCA membership.
The Outreach Committee promotes the mission and vision of AzSCA through networking, member relations/recruitment, and other events.

The Professional Development Committee ensures school counselors have access to the latest techniques, research, and knowledge so they can stay effective in their careers.

The Professional Development Committee shall:

  • Facilitate professional development opportunities to meet the needs of school counselors & affiliates throughout the year.
  • Shall collaborate with ADE to provide training opportunities for School Counselors.
  • Shall recruit professional presenters.
  • Shall conduct member surveys on professional development needs.
  • Shall collaborate with AzCAN to provide web-based College Access Professional (CAP) training to school counselors in the state of Arizona.
  • The Association/Presentation Liaison shall collaborate with the professional development committee and shall recruit board members to serve on association/committee as AzSCA representatives as well as recruit board members to present at various professional conferences, i.e. AzCTE, ABEC, etc.
  • Provide Certificate of Attendance for each Professional Development event as applicable.
The Research Committee promotes the understanding and use of data and action research by AzSCA and AZ School Counselors to inform and demonstrate the effectiveness of their program.

The Research Committee shall:
  • Publish an online Arizona research journal annually as permitted by article submissions.
  • Administer and develop procedures for school counselors and college educators to apply for research funds.
  • Promote school counselor research in the state of Arizona.
  • Maintain contact and work with Arizona Counselor educators.
  • Submit Action Plans one week prior to Governing Board meetings.
  • Keep current on National School Counseling Research Centers (CSCOR, U Mass and CS3 USD).
  • Coordinate research-oriented presentations for AzSCA annual conference.
  • Solicit articles for Research Journal.


  • Must hold a current Arizona school counselor certificate and be in good standing.
  • Must be a member of AzSCA.


  • Attending quarterly meetings on a scheduled Saturday (Aug, Nov, Jan, April)
  • Joining and participating in an AzSCA Committee of their choice
  • Be an active member. Encouraged to share ideas at meetings or communicate with Director(s).

Time Committment

  • No term limit for members of the Board at Large.

  • Attend quarterly meetings. Quarterly meetings are held in August, November, January, and April on a Saturday from 8:00am to 12:30pm.
  • Attend the Leadership Development Institute. LDI occurs in June and is typically 2-3 days.
  • Attend the Annual AzSCA Conference. Our Annual Conference is 2-3 days, usually in February.
  • Participate in other special events coordinated by AzSCA.
  • Zoom with committee as needed.


  • Attendance at quarterly meetings, LDI, AzSCA Conference, and other AzSCA events
  • Travel may be required
  • Respond promptly to correspondence
  • Maintain professional decorum
  • Ethical interactions


  • Earn up to 4 CEUs per quarterly meeting
  • Pre-approved travel cost reimbursement


For more information on joining the Board at Large, please contact Bill Lucas, AzSCA Chair, at