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Ground Rules for Board Meetings

Governing Board Members shall abide to the following rules during Board Meetings: 

  1. Focus on ends policies.
  2. Stay open to input and new ideas; be willing to move your position.
  3. Agree on what important words mean and ask for clarification.
  4. Challenge assumptions and preconceived notions; encourage the expression of dissent at Board meetings.
  5. Listen in order to understand.
  6. Bring disagreements to the meeting.
  7. Base decisions on parameters that include monitoring data, the Ends Policies and other relevant data.
  8. Treat other Board members with respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith.
  9. Be brief, no war stories, don’t repeat.
  10. Focus on what is right, not who is right.
  11. Respect confidentiality of Board meeting discussions, with exceptions agreed upon by the Board.
  12. Respect confidentiality of Board decisions until those decisions are formally adopted by the Board, with exceptions agreed upon by the Board.
  13. Limit discussions of Board business to the Boardroom.