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Ends Policies

Mission Statement

The Arizona School Counselors Association promotes our profession, supports school counselors through resources and professional networking, and through demonstrating our ethical practices, professional partnerships with parents, staff and community while developing evidence based national model implementation in all schools, and to assist/ support students in their academic experiences, college/ career preparation, and social/ emotional development.

Vision Statement

It is our hope that all students will have access to skilled school counselors through their K-12 education experience.

Article I

Provide opportunities for professional development and keep professional school counselors abreast of current school counseling best practices, data and research

Article II

Provide relevant partnerships and strategies for school counselor advocacy that clarify and enhance the professional school counselor's’ role, skill level and professionalism.

Article III

Collaborate with state and National leaders to establish legislative policy that supports the framework for comprehensive school counseling programs and school counselors’ contributing role in student advocacy and academic achievement.

Article IV

Proliferate research in the area of school counseling by fostering partnerships with university professors, national counseling research centers and practicing school counselors to show evidence-based practices in the counseling profession.