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School Counselor of the Year Award

SCOY Application Components

After being nominated and vetted, the individual must complete an application to be considered for the School Counselor of the Year Award. The application is completed online. Nominees will be contacted with details on the online system.

The components of the application are:

1. Applicant information

2. School Demographic Information 

3. Resume (no more than two pages), formatted with the following information:
  • Name
  • Current position/job title
  • School name
  • Number of years at current school
  • Number of years in the profession
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Memberships
  • Awards/certifications/publications 

4. Three letters of recommendation (no more than two pages each). Recommendation letters should contain a brief description of why the applicant should be selected AzSCA School Counselor of the Year and information on how the applicant advocates for the profession and/or students.  Include one letter from each of the following: 
  • The applicant’s immediate or direct supervisor
  • A colleague
  • A community member, student, or a student’s parent

5. Responses to all essay and evidentiary questions:
  • How have you advocated for the profession throughout your career? (250-500 words) 
  • What were two or three of your school counseling program goals last year, and how did you address them? (250-500 words)
  • What data demonstrates your progress in meeting these goals? (Data reports are not part of the 250-500 word limit for this question.) 
  • Give an example of a particularly effective collaborative effort you spearheaded with a stakeholder population (administrators, faculty, parents and/or the community)  (250-500 words). 
  • What types of professional development opportunities have you participated in throughout your career, and how have they contributed to your professional growth? (250-500 words) 
  • How does your comprehensive school counseling program use leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change to make a difference for students? (750-1,000 words)