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To serve the board, support the school counseling progress, and continue to strive to improve our profession. 
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I am running for an AzSCA Board of Directors position because advocacy of the profession is one of the most important parts of my job. In every step of my educational career, I have been a part of the leadership board to advocate for the profession it represents. It is now time for me to advocate for school counseling in a larger, more official position. I am ready to give 100% to Arizona counselors.

I want to make sure my fellow counselors understand that I want to hear them and I want to advocate for not only what our counselors need, but what our community needs from our counselors as well. I want counselors to feel supported and respected for the work they do. I want school counselors to know there are so many resources available right at their fingertips.. In working with the PD committee this past year, we are bringing so many ideas forth to meet counselors where they need to be met. I want counselors to know that AzSCA is a safe space and we are only here to help them. This position would allow me to work with the other great board members to continue to bring quality opportunities to Arizona counselors.
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I want to serve on the Board of Directors for many reasons. I wanted to become a school counselor in order to be in a position to support staff, students and families. I felt like I would be able to make a difference at my school. Now that I have several years of experience being a school counselor, I feel that natural progression is to be in a leadership position to support and empower other school counselors and advocate for the school counseling profession. Serving on the Board of Directors will provide me the opportunity to actively contribute to the school counseling profession as well as support and collaborate with other school counselors at a state and national level. I began attending the AzSCA board meetings after attending the Leadership Development Institute(LDI) in July of 2021. The LDI provided a glimpse of several components that support school counselors and the school counseling profession as well as collaborating with school counselors across Arizona. After attending the LDI, I knew that I wanted to be part of the bigger picture of an Arizona School Counselor. I became a member at large. I am eager to engage as a leader and learn more about serving as a member of the Board of Directors.